Applying and Interviewing for Internships

This past month, I have been applying and interviewing for spring and summer internships. FIT has a career fair dedicated to this and has a large internship database with an impressive array of companies and positions available. I am hoping to get a position in merchandising, wholesale, or ready-to-wear sales with either Vera Wang, Michael Kors, or Chico’s FAS. Any of them would be awesome, so I have my fingers crossed. I have learned that networking with lots of diffeRadio Cityrent people and talking about what I am doing here at school is important because unexpected people have referred me to others that have connections at large companies. I have also been working on completing my final projects and studying for finals in all my classes. I have been busy, but this does not stop me from enjoying the city. Christmastime is the best time in NYC and I kicked off the season by going to see the Radio City Christmas Spectacular. I saw it with one of my fellow Boilermakers that is here with me at FIT. It was a great show and if you are ever in NYC around Christmastime, it is a must see! Best of luck to everyone with your classes and happy holidays!

Este mes pasado, he estado applicando y entrevistando para puestos de interno para la primavera y el verano. FIT tiene una feria dedicado a esto y tiene un gran base de datos con muchisimas companias y posiciones disponibles. Me gustaria conseguir una posicion en mercancia, an al por mayor, o en ventas con Vera Wang, Michael Kors, o Chicos FAS. Cualquiera sera genial. He aprendido que hablar con mucha gente de lo que estoy haciendo en la escuela es buena cosa porque nunca sabes a quien conocen. Asi me ha encontrado con gentes que conocen a gente en companias grandes que estan buscando internados. Tambien he estado trabajando en completar todaos mis projectos finales y estudiando por mis examenes finales en todas mis clases. He estado ocupada, pero no me deja de disfrutar la ciudad. E; tiempo de Navidad en Nueva York es bellisimo y empece la temporada con asistir el Show Navideno de Radio City. Lo vi con una de mis companeras de Purdue que tambien va a FIT conmigo. Me encanto el show y si algun dia estas en Nueva York durante el tiempo de Navidad, se lo recomiendo. Suerte a todos mientras se terminan las clases y felices fiestas!

– Sarah Miramontes, Senior, Retail Management

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International Hotel, Motel, and Restaurant Show in New York City

New York 2On Friday, November 07, I had the amazing opportunity to travel with 32 of my fellow Hospitality and Tourism Management (HTM) classmates to New York City to attend the International Hotel, Motel, and Restaurant Show, as well as the annual Starwood Student Conference. During this weekend of professional development, we were also able to learn how 4 different luxury hotels (The W, Waldorf-Astoria, Grant Hyatt, and The Standard Hotel) attract and retain customers from their different target maNew York 1rkets.

Another super fun activity was the scavenger hunt around the island of Manhattan. This group activity took us everywhere from the biggest store in the world, or Macy’s, to Madison Square Garden to a random Starbucks near the Empire State Building. It was through this team building activity that I really got the chance to create some amazing memories and friendships with everyone on the trip.

It truly was an amazing trip, can’t wait until next year!!!!

– Christian Bencid, Junior, Hospitality and Tourism Management

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The Holidays are Here!

We’ve officially started a new month at Purdue and the start of the holiday season. Halloween just ended and Thanksgiving is right around the corner. I’m still in contact and very close with friends from high school and was lucky enough to get to spend some time at Ball State for Halloween. Going to different colleges than friends can be hard at first, but if you’re willing to put in a little extra effort and a few hours driving it’s not too bad. College has actually made most of my friendships with high school friends much stronger. You don’t get to see each other every day so when you do, there’s a lot to talk about and so many things you can do together. Plus, you get a chance to visit new towns and experience what life is like at a different college.

This is my favorite time of year, but it’s also incredibly busy. With my birthday later this week and Thanksgiving break, I have friends visiting me at Purdue and will get to go home and see my family. I have no doubt that finals and Christmas break will be here before I know it and another semester at Purdue will be complete!

Boiler Up!

Margaret Foutch, Junior, Speech Language and Hearing Sciences

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Going Greek Can be Great!!

When you think of sororities or Greek life you probably think of parties and never studying, right? Well that could not be farther from the truth! I am currently the President going greekof the Epsilon Rho Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. and not only do we have fun but we strive for excellence in many areas! Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. is the very first African American sorority ever founded; It dates all the way back to 1908! For the last 106 years, AKA has impacted the lives of millions through community service and high scholastic standards.

It’s quite easy to overlook the philanthropy or service aspect of going Greek when media often portrays the social aspect. However, there are many lifelong benefits that can be gained from going Greek. Being a member of an organization that is a part of the National Pan-Hellenic Council (also known as the Divine Nine) has given me the opportunity to learn and experience things I never would have otherwise. I’ve gained leadership skills and teamwork all while creating lifelong bonds in the process. We volunteer weekly with young children and often donate or give our time to many organizations such as Food Finders. We serve our community in any way we can. I’ve always been the type to say “if I can help one person then I consider myself successful.” Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. gives me that opportunity on a weekly basis and I love it.

I could go on and on about the perks and benefits of going Greek but I would highly recommend anyone looking further into Greek life to see if there is an organization for you, not only from the National Pan-Hellenic Council but from and of the other councils such as The Panhellenic Association, The Multicultural Greek Council, or even the Interfraternity Council. A great website to check out is!

– Caitlynn Anderson, Senior, Family and Consumer Science Education

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Final Exams Are Creeping Up

Bell towerAs fall autumn comes upon us, it is hard to believe that the semester is almost over. Throughout the semester, the school has been fun and enjoyable, but most of all it has provided several learning experiences. I have missed home watching the sun go down across the harvested fields and longed to be in a tractor. But early morning classes make me feel like I am at home working again. So, I could really pass on the Sunsetopportunity to not go to work any earlier than I have too. I have enjoyed several of my ambassador events such as eating lunch with alumni. I look forward to Thanksgiving break coming – it is motivation to work towards and strive to achieve my best on my exams before break. Thanksgiving break means that final exams are creeping up faster than ever, but through hard work and preparation it should turn out as planned.

– Austin Bender, Junior, Pre-Physical Therapy

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Clinicals As A Sophomore at Purdue University

In the sophomore year of the Nursing program at Purdue, we start our first rounds of clinicals. For our first year of clinicals, we stay in the Lafayette area. There is a possibility of working at a long-term nursing care facility or a rehab unit at a hospital. For my first round of clinicals, I was placed at Signature Healthcare, a long-term care facility in Lafayette. There are 8 students per clinical group, so you really get the opportunity to get to know these other nursing students while working with them. For the first month of school, we went over some basic nursing skills in the Johnson Hall of Nursing instead of going to our clinicnursing groupal site, and at the end of September we went for a tour of the facility. We officially began helping the CNAs with patients in October. We were responsible for getting patients up and dressed in the morning, helping pass out breakfast, and bathing patients. We also had plenty of opportunities every week to do vital signs and physical assessments on patients. The nurses and CNAs at the facility were always more than willing to explain some of their procedures and show how things are done with long-term patients. I was also able to work with an occupational therapist on a patient, and I was able to observe rounds of physical therapy at the facility. After only a few clinical experiences, I feel like I have learned so much more about nursing and interacting with patients. Purdue offers the unique opportunity of starting clinicals in the sophomore year, while most other nursing programs do not begin them until the junior year. I have thoroughly enjoyed all of my clinical experiences and they have allowed me to become more confident in my decision to pursue a career in nursing. Here is picture of my clinical group from our first day of clinicals.

– Elissa Borgia, Sophomore, Nursing

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Hospitality and Tourism Management as a Senior

As my senior year is coming to an end, my course load is beginning to feel as if it never will! However, throughout this semester, I have already gained amazing experience from my Hospitality and Tourism Management (HTM) courses. As an HTM student you are required to take HTM 492. This is a 7-hour lab spent cooking in the back-of-the-house, or serving in the front-of-the-house. In addition to cooking and serving, you will be a manager for one or two nights during the semester. This means that you will work with 9 other managers from different days and create a menu themed around a certain country. Once your menu is complete, you then complete a costing sheet as well as a shopping list for the week. By completing my management night already, I feel as if I have gained first hand experience of what a manager of a restaurant goes through on a regular basis. It was also a lot of fun to bring my friends and family in for the meal that I helped create!

– Katelyn Shebel, Senior, Hospitality and Tourism Management

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Experiencing and Discovering New Things

So I’m a senior in college this year, and I’m STILL trying to figure out how to manage my time well. There are a lot of other responsibilities I have besides school, but sometimes I get so stressed with my workload from class that it’s the only thing I worry about and dedicate my time to. I’ve realized that I tend to let school take control of my life and I forget that there are other things I can do that I find enjoyable and are relaxing. This semester especially I have wanted to try to pick up new hobbies just so I can start to experience some new things and discover new things I enjoy. I have rented an apartment/town-house for the past 3 years, and one of the responsibilities that comes along with that is cooking for myself. When I came to Purdue I had no idea how to cook. Obviously I didn’t need to pick up that skill freshman year because I just ate food from the dining hall. The past two years I would make myself very simple meals (my specialty being a box of pasta with Prego pasta sauce). I always felt like I was too busy to cook and just wanted to make simple meals! Well this past semester I had the desire to attempt at cooking, and so far I have been successful! I have not made anything too complicated, but I have definitely spiced up my meals a bit. I also try to make meals that will last throughout the whole week, so I can cook dinner on Sunday and then just refrigerate the leftovers to eat throughout the week. I’ve learned that I have a lot of fun cooking, and I get to eat everything too, which is the best reward! It’s pretty satisfying to be able to challenge myself and have a successful outcome. While I am no pro by any means, I now know cooking is nothing to be intimidated by! So whether it’s cooking or something else that’s really unfamiliar to you that you want to try, just go for it. It’s awesome to pick up a hobby that is something you enjoy (not related to school) that still benefits you in a different way. I will definitely keep you posted as I advance in my new cooking journey. I am going to post some links below for recipes that I have tried out so far!

Stuffed shells:

Vegetable lasagna:

Pulled pork:

Pumpkin bars:

– Smaro Spandonidis, Senior, Nursing

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New Month – New Opportunities!

Happy Pink Out 3November, Boilers and future Boilers! I am in total disbelief that the holidays are quickly approaching, but with new seasons come new fun things to do around campus. Last week I got to attend my first ever Purdue Women’s Volleyball game with my sorority sisters. My sorority’s Pink Out 2philanthropy is breast cancer awareness and education, so we organized a sisterhood where we all attended the volleyball team’s pink out game together! The athletic atmosphere at Purdue is exciting and energetic, and it was amazing to finally get to go to a volleyball game since our team has been doing so well this season. One of my favorite parts of attending Purdue is the rich tradition and immense school pride, and I definitely got to experience that at the game. I look forward to basketball season starting and can’t wait to continue to cheer on our boilers this spring!

– Rachel Baur, Junior, Human Services

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Exciting October at Purdue University!!!

I can’t believe it’s already November! Looking back at the past month of October, I am amazed by the awesome opportunities I’ve had and new friendships I have made! A few weekends ago I had the opportunity to attend a Fall Conference in Indianapolis through a Christian group I am now involved in here on campus called Campus Outreach. A big group of us went down to Indy and met up with students from other schools to learn and grow more with our Christian faith. On Friday night of the conference we had a Halloween campus outreachcostume party. It was so much fun, and a big group of us dressed up as Shark Week. On Saturday and Sunday, we took time to explore Indy, meet students from other schools, and grow our relationships with each other. I also took another weekend in October to visit Exploration Acres in Lafayette to do the haunted corn maze! It wasn’t very scary, but it was still so much fun to do with friends! Finally, last weekend I did something I’ve never done before. A group of friends and I went to Wolf Park in Lafayette. Before this past weekend, I didn’t even know the place existed! It was called a “Howl Night”, and we had the chance to watch a demonstration with their pack of wolves. I had never seen a wolf in real life, so it was such a cool experience! We even got to practice our howling skills, and then the wolves would howl back at us. It was definitely a crazy but fun time! Overall, the month of October was a lot of fun for me. Although school can get really stressful at times, it is so nice to be able to do new and exciting things, especially over weekends. There are so many opportunities for things to do in this area, you just have to be willing to look!

– Alyssa Gilmore, Junior, Nursing

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