Fall and Football at Purdue!

Igoldustert’s officially football season and fall is in the air at Purdue! Classes are in full swing and I am LOVING junior year! I’m enjoying getting to meet more students in my major and am taking advantage of the nice fall weather while it lasts! Even though classes are starting to pick up their pace, one thing that keeps me sane are football Saturdays. There’s no better feeling in the world than getting to perform with the Purdue Golduster Dance Team each week! This past weekend we had the opportunity to travel to Lucas Oil Stadium for the Purdue vs. Notre Dame game. Even though we didn’t bring home a victory, it was such a cool experience because we got to perform on the same field the Colts play on! Since I’m from out of state this was especially exciting because I got to visit a place I have never been too before, and got to immerse myself into the Indianapolis culture in a new way. I can’t wait to see what other new opportunities this semester will have in store!

Boiler up!

Rachel Baur, Junior, Human Services

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Loving Nutrition Science at Purdue University

So its been already 3 weeks into school and I’m loving all my classes! I’m taking a Health Screening and Fitness Evaluation class where I get to go to lab and have a hands on experience on running health screenings and fitness tests. Additionally, I’m taking NUTR 330- Diet Selection and Planning, where I get to learn all about the Dietary Guidelines for Americans and diet planning. Also I’m taking Biochemistry, Exercise Physiology, and Methods in Health Promotion. I’m definitely excited for my junior year and learning all about nutrition :)

Boiler Up-

Carmen Cucalon, Junior, Dietetics/Nutrition, Fitness and Health

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Hospitality and Tourism Management – Study Abroad in Palma de Mallorca

madrid 1Hello again! So I have big news…I will be officially studying abroad for my 2015 spring semester. Towards the end of the summer I applied for the CIEE Palma de Mallorca Internship specifically for HTM students. I was e-mailed my acceptance on August 22nd and am now fully swamped with forms, papers, and meetings to make sure I have the proper items needed to study abroad.

Palma de Mallorca is located in the Balearic madrid 2Islands, which is situated right off of Spain. I am told that my lack of knowledge of Spanish is okay because so many different tourists from around the world come to Palma to vacation. Also this island is a very popular vacation spot among Germans. So my knowledge of the German culture and my ability to speak German will definitely help me as I both study and work.

I am very excited that I will be experiencing a new culture madrid 3and that I can also get my HTM 302 Internship course credit completed. I have been to Europe before, but never for this long. I will be gone from February to the middle of July…such a long time! But, I know that I will be gaining some valuable experience for my future career and that this trip will help me grow and become more confident in traveling by myself.

– Jordan Raver, Sophomore, Hospitality and Tourism Management

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Friends Make Purdue Less of a University and More of a Family

Books are not cheap. Clothes are not cheap. Food is not cheap. Coming to college, there were so many things in the first 2 weeks that I needed to buy from books to that cute football jersey. There was no way I was going to be able to afford it on my high school savings, so I was left with no choice but to get a job.

I ended up going to the pool to swim with my roommate and then grabbing a job application to work at the pool during BGR. I passed the swim, tread and practice saves. The job was mine. They told me I would be only a sub when I applied so I did not worry about the times for shifts. As it so happened though, I was given the 5:45 morning shift, on Fridays! There was no possibly worse shift then that. However, despite the poor timing of the shift, I was scheduled to work with some other really cool freshman girls that became my dear friends to this day.

Coming to work became less and less of a chore as the semester went on because of my co-workers. We would go to breakfast together after every shift and tell each other about our weeks during our breaks. It really was fun to see my friendship grow with them.

During my second semester, my great grandma passed away at the age of 101. I went into work that day not knowing how to feel, but suddenly I started crying uncontrollably during my shift. I would not have been able to handle her passing as well as school that semester if it were not for my good friend, Jennifer, talking me through it and consoling me in the guard office of the Aquatic Center. I know that through getting a job, Purdue became less of a University and more of a family.

– Katie Regan, Junior, Dietetics

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Healthy Balance Between School and Social Life

After Labor Day weekend, with an extra day off of school, it has officially hit me that summer is over. As sad as it is, looking back I’m so happy I was able to do so many things with my free time from school. I mostly spent my weekends in Chicago going to different music festivals or concerts. I was able to meet up with a lot of friends and try new restaurants when celebrating all my friends turning 21. My highlight was definitely country thunder, which is a weekend concert series in Wisconsin thrainbowat people get to camp at and see some of their favorite country artists. I also took a couple of little trips with my family, which was great quality time with them! After having a summer filled with fun, school isn’t always the most exciting thing to return to. But after being able to spend so much time with friends and family over the summer, and build and enhance those relationships, I have realized how important it is to make time for the people in your life that are important to you. It can be so easy to get wrapped up in classes, meetings and obligations at school that the time is not put aside for those relationships. So even if it’s a quick text, or card that’s sent, it can make a friend’s day and show how important they always are to you. So this year my goal is to keep a healthy balance between school and social life because both are very important aspects of your life that need time and effort put in!

– Smaro Spandonidis, Senior, Nursing

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Nursing Clinical Experience

clinicalsOne of the first questions people ask when they find out I’m in nursing is, “Have you had any clinicals yet?” I can proudly say that yes I have! Purdue’s nursing program is unique because we start clinicals sophomore year while many nursing schools start clinicals junior year. Last year I had clinicals at Heritage long term care facility. This year I am excited to start junior clinicals: med surge, psych and OB. My clinicals will be both in Lafayette and in Indy. This is a picture of my med surge clinical group at orientation at IU Arnett. Clinicals start bright and early at 6:50 am every week. There is so much that goes into training: learning the system to chart our care and gather data, learning the layout of the floor and learning what the various codes mean. We’re learning to set up IVs, performing assessments and passing medications on a surgical floor. Many of our patients will still be dazed from medications from surgery so we’re told to consider all of them fall risks. One of our main jobs is to answer our patients’ call lights quickly because they’re likely still be dazed from surgery so they may fall. Clinicals can be overwhelming at times but in a job like nursing hands on skills are a must! I have my first official clinical day tomorrow. I will keep you all posted on my clinicals =)!

– Laura Mangan, Junior, Nursing

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Welcome Back!!

It’s so hard to believe that I am half way done with my undergrad years! I can’t wait to see what this year has to football gameoffer, but thus far it has been off to a great start. This will be the first year that I am living off campus in an apartment (although it’s practically on campus because it’s so close). It might take some time getting used to having to cook for myself, instead of paying visits to some pretty awesome dining courts. I have three other lovely roommates (pictured below at the first football game of the year—a win!). Having spent two years in the dorms and now living off campus, I feel that I am getting to experience Purdue and Westback at purdue 1 Lafayette in new ways with a new perspective. I love it just as much here as I did my freshman year.

This past summer, I worked at a day care facility. I felt like I got to be a child again at times working with all of the youngsters. I absolutely loved my job—the mayhem and all!

I also feel like I have friends all over the world right now. Purdue is a great school to study abroad through, and my old roomie and one of my best friends is studying in Ireland for the semesteback at purdue 2r. Not only is Purdue a great school with a wonderful study abroad program, but it also has a huge number of international students on campus. Before classes began, I got to help through an organization called MIX (Multinational Integration Xchange). The program was geared towards international students coming to campus that did not sign up for BGR. That way, we still tried our best to introduce them to life here on campus. As you can tell from the picture below, it wasn’t all work and no play! (Oh yeah, and we also were able to squeeze in a fountain run!) It feels good to be back!

– Jennifer Fredrick, Junior, Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences

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Love Getting Back to Purdue

And then it was fall… Did summer just fly by or is it just me?? As sad as I am to see the summer go – I am so happy to be back on campus. I have a lot in store for this year, especially including my new duties as an ambassador to the wonderful College of Health and Human Sciences!

Because I am a new ambassador, I had to move into my dorm at Hillenbrand Hall a few days early. The next two days, I spent the day training and learning about all of the different majors in our college – which was so incredibly fun and interesting! I really enjoyed getting to know my fellow ambassadors and learning about all of the cool things that are going on in our college! We are such a diverse college – from business degrees to hospitality degrees to medical degrees, there is something for everyone here. I even went to some buildings that I didn’t even know existed. The nursing building has simulation labs that are incredibly advanced, and the new speech language and hearing sciences building is beautiful!

Training was greatroom, but when we were done, I had to get down to business (Mulan quote, anyone?) and start focusing on getting ready for school. I had to buy all of my books *ouch* and make sure I had everything I needed for a successful year. I will definitely be busy, especially since I am taking 18 credit hours this semester. It’s a lot of work, but I am finally getting into the classes pertaining to my major, so I am finally getting a glimpse of my future career!

And here’s a little peek of my room in Hillenbrand. As you can see, I love pictures. And Sherlock. And the Office. And pens. For me, my desk is the place I do all of my homework and studying, so in the midst of all the stress, I like to have something fun and happy to look at.

– Ally Ylo, Sophomore, Financial Counseling and Planning

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Summer of Microbiology and Lollapalooza!

My summer was filled with a lot of work and school. The months of Jusummer 1ne and July were spent working and studying for my microbiology course. By the end of July, I was ready to have some fun. My friends and I had all bought tickets to go to Lollapalooza, a three-day music festival in Chicago, back in March. We were looking forward to it all summer, and we knew it would be the perfect way to end the summer before everyone started getting ready to go back to school.

The music festival was the first weekend of August. My friends and I took the train to and summer 2from Chicago every day for the festival. Each day there were different artists, all from different genres of music, performing their music sets. My friends and I made schedules of different musical acts we all wanted to see every day. We ended up seeing many shows over the course of the weekend; some of our favorites included Lorde, Kings of Leon, and Eminem. There were about 100,000 people that attended the festival every day. Throughout the crowds, some celebrities were able to be spotted, including Malia Obama. On Sunday of the festival, it rained all day! There was so much mud, and so many people were slipping on the wet ground. By the end of the night, everyone was soaked in mud and people had started mud slip and slides. It was an incredible end to the three days of music and friends.

Each day was so much fun and full of new experiences. It was the perfect way to spend time with my friends before heading back to Purdue to start my sophomore year. It was definitely a weekend I will never forget!

-Elissa Borgia, Sophomore, Nursing

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Study Abroad in Costa Rica

study abroad 2This summer I had the opportunity to travel to Costa Rica for a study abroad experience. The purpose of the trip was to study Health Care and Nutrition. While in Costa Rica the group visited multiple farms, public and private hospitals, a midwife, a program designed for underprivileged preschool school age children, an indigenous community, a shaman, and the University of Costa Rica. This trip was not only educational but also very exciting. We had the opportunity to go white water rafting and zip lining. The trip was designed for nustudy abroad 6rsing students, but as a student who is studying Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences this trip was rewarding. There was another SLHS student on the trip and we both had the opportunity to observe a speech pathologist while in Costa Rica. Not only did we learn about the health care system and nutrition we also experienced the Costa Rican culture. We had to adapt to study abroad 1their way of life by learning their language, exploring their towns, using their currency, and eating their cuisine. Other than observing the speech pathologist the most memorable experience that I had while being in Costa Rica was meeting the midwife. Her name is Dona Miriam; she is 90 years old and has delivered over 2000 babies in her lifetime. She has also given bistudy abroad 4rth to 19 children. She dropped out of school at a young age, and followed in her mother’s footsteps to become a midwife. She welcomed our group into her home with loving arms even fed us as grandmothers always do. While visiting her, we had the opportunity to see her put herstudy abroad 3 skills to work on a pregnant mother. Dona Miriam has been working for so long that she is able to sense when something is wrong with the mother and is able to use a massage procedure to adjust the baby into the correct position and relieve the mother of any pain that she may be feeling. Not only does Dona Miriam work as a midwife she is also knowledgeable on mastudy abroad 10ny natural remedies to treat anything from calluses to scorpion bites. Dona Miriam helped to train a gringa (white woman) midwife that has lived in Costa Rica for over 20 years, and that gringa is now training a nursing student at the University of Costa Rica so that the tradition of midwifery will never end. I loved my experience in Costa Rica and I am excited to continue to travel to see other parts of the world. I encourage all students to have a study abroad experience not only for educational purposes but also to have the lifelong lessons and memories that come with it.

– Kia Thatch, Senior, Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences

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