Another Employed Purdue Student

JobExcited to say that another HHS student has a post-graduation job lined up! After a really difficult decision between a large global engineering-construction company, an aircraft manufacturer, and an auto manufacturer, I decided to accept a job as an Industrial Engineer with General Motors at their Corvette Assembly Plant in KY. They gave me a chance to visit the plant, and even ride a brand new corvette off the line and be the first to start the ignition! Now I just have to wrap up my senior year- good thing I’m taking classes like IE/PSY 577 and IE/PSY 556. They’re really relevant to my upcoming position, where I’ll specialize in human factors in engineering and industrial psychology. I can even be sponsored by GM to work on a Master’s degree once I start full-time this next summer. I never expected to have a job lined up so early my senior year, it’s a huge relief!

— Abigail Tighe, Senior, Psychological Sciences

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It’s Turkey Time

As Thanksgiving approaches, Purdue HHS students like me are working hard to get all of their work done so that they can enjoy a relaxing Thanksgiving break. Although we don’t get the entire week off and still have classes on Monday and Tuesday of Thanksgiving week, it seems like the workload is still continuing. As a senior HHS student, I did not decide to leave campus early and skip Monday and Tuesday classes like most students, mostly because I have an exam and a lab this week. However, many professors do decide to cancel class or give extra credit for showing up during Thanksgiving week, which is always a plus for any HHS student at Purdue! With just two weeks left after Thanksgiving break until finals are upon us, it seems like this semester has gone by in the blink of an eye. Even though the weather is getting colder and it has already snowed in West Lafayette, the holidays are always my motivation to get through my studying so that I can reward myself with a well-deserved Thanksgiving break and Christmas break. Also, it is nice for Purdue students who are on campus over Thanksgiving to come and see the Purdue vs. IU game that is at Purdue this year on the Saturday of Thanksgiving week. As a member of the marching band, my break is cut a little short because I have to perform at the game, but this healthy rivalry is always super exciting to watch! Being a Purdue student, the holiday season provides a great amount of much-needed motivation for me knowing that I will be able to spend time with family when my hard work at school is done. Happy Thanksgiving Boilers!

-Lauren Zust, Senior, Dietetics

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A New Member to the Family

It seems like I have just blogged about what is going on back at home of late and not what is going on around campus. Don’t get me wrong, there have been plenty of activities this fall on campus like Purdue Dance Marathon, Homecoming weekend, football games, and not so fun activities like exapuppyms. But, this event is just too exciting not to share!

Last weekend, my family and I introduced a new little member to our family. His name is Larry Sumo Raver and he is a black golden doodle. Two weekends ago, my family and I traveled to Russiaville to look at the puppy litter to pick out which little guy we wanted. Fortunately, we were able to have our first choice of puppies with being fifth on the waiting list! So last Sunday (11/15/15) we traveled one more time to Russiaville to welcome Larry to the family. We brought him home and introduced him to our other two dogs. All three of them seemed to get along really well! Needless to say I am very much looking forward to Thanksgiving break so I can play with the new puppy again!

— Jordan Raver, Junior, Hospitality and Tourism Management

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Free Events at Purdue

The theme of this past month was free events. There was an ice skating event to kFree Events 1ick off homecoming on Memorial Mall. Even if it was warm, it was fun to celebrate the beginning of November with a little winter fun. They also had chili and hot chocolate for us to enjoy, and a few little crafts to pass the time.

Another event that my roommate and I attended was the Health and Wellness Fair. This event was also a lot of fun. We learned about the programs that Purdue and other local organizations have to offer, as well as about general health issues and what we can do to prevent them. The highlight of this event was the free chair mFree Events 2assages that were offered. We also got several other free items including stress balls and lip balm. While we walked around, we were treated to free frozen yogurt. It doesn’t get much better than that. In addition to the chair messages and other freebies, they also allowed you to pick up a prize if you stopped at every single booth. We walked away with a new t-shirt and a water bottle. It was worth taking an hour to stop by.

Definitely check out the free events on campus if you are able. It’s nice to get some free food and other goodies simply for showing up.

— Alyssa Walther, Junior, Psychological Sciences

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Thanksgiving Break

November is a great month because that means it’s time for Thanksgiving and it’s getting closer to Christmas! These are two of my favorite holiday’s to spend with my family, because they make great food! I know everyone probably says this about his or her grandma, but my grandma makes the BEST food. One of my favorite feelings is waking up in the morning and getting dressed up to go over to my grandma’s. I walk into her house and I smell all of the delicious aromas of what she is cooking in the kitchen. I don’t even know where to start on what my favorite Thanksgiving entrée is, but I definitely would have to settle with my grandma’s famous sweet potatoes topped with marshmallows and pineapples. My other favorite dish would have to be turkey and cranberries together. It may sound strange to some, but it’s delicious!

For me, I love tradition and that’s one reason why I chose to come to Purdue. When I was younger, it was always a annual tradition for me to stay the night at my grandma’s house on Thanksgiving night while my mom went out Black Friday shopping. My Grandma and I would always make ice cream sundaes and watch movies until we fell asleep on the couch. Now that I’m older and found a love for shopping, I venture out with my mom at 2 A.M. to go Black Friday shopping and start buying Christmas gifts. Although I have taken on this new tradition with my mom, I will always love the memories of staying the night on Thanksgiving night at my grandma’s. Thanksgiving is always a great time to see my family, eat delectable food, and enjoy the time I have at home with my family.

— Kamri Nixon, Sophomore, Dietetics

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It’s November Already?!

November is one of my favorite months! Not only is it the perfect weather for hoodies, boots, and leggings, but a time for hot chocolate and snuggling up in a blanket. November is also my favorite month because not only do we have Thanksgiving Break, but we also have Thanksgiving!! Which is time for the best food of the year and to gorge myself until I feel like I am going to explode.

I love going home and celebrating with friends and family. However, the hardest part is trying to finish out the semester on a good note. I sometimes get too excited about coming home and being with friends and family that I forget to stay focused on what is really important, school. I have a countdown until I get to leave for Thanksgiving Break and it could not come sooner!

— Emma Foster, Junior, Public Health

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Undergrad Research

This year I have been able to participate in undergraduate research. I work as a lab assistant in the Human Development and Family Studies (HDFS) lab which studies patient-doctor communication. I get to do a variety of tasks like edit audio files, code transcripts, and input data from surveys that participants have completed. It’s definitely a very different experience from any of my other classes at Purdue and is much more hands-on. It’s been a great opportunity and I’ve been able to interact with one of my favorite professors on a more personal level. I would highly suggest trying to get involved in research as an undergrad at Purdue. You get to see your field in an entirely different way and it may spark in interest that you never knew you had!

Boiler Up!

Margaret Foutch, Senior, Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences

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Senior Nursing Project a Success!

quality improvement team 2This semester I was part of a team that made a difference. Senior year in nursing, we form teams of about 6 students and complete a semester long quality improvement project to solve a specific problem within the healthcare system. Quality improvement has become a buzzword in healthcare and many nurses are involved in these projects on their units to decrease costs and improve outcomes in our ever changing healthcare system. In other words, nurses are learning to do more with less! Our focus was on prevention. My team and I worked with nursing management and informatics specialist at IU Health quality improvement teamArnett in Lafayette to encourage nurses to use a graphing tool within Cerner, a commonly used charting and electronic health record system. This project started when a patient fell and nursing management at IU Arnett examined the root of the problem. By graphing the patients’ lab values, they noticed that the patients’ blood pressure had steadily been dropping, which lead to his fall. IU management realized that if nurses could catch these trends early, they could prevent falls and many other adverse events, improve patient safety and decrease costs. We followed a quality improvement model called the DMAIC (A3) which is commonly used in healthcare to define, measure, analyze, improve and control (DMAIC) the problem. We conducted surveys and identified that most of the nurses were not aware of the graphing tool. We developed a 15 minute training module with a pre- and post-test, case study, and step-by-step instructions to complete the simple two-step process of graphing trends. We also designed a poster following the A3 model including graphs, snapshots of our training module and implementation and control plans for IU Arnett so they will be able to incorporate the module into their training. We dedicated many hours and late nights to this project and felt discouraged at times, but we agreed that looking back on college, this project is something we’ll be proud of.

— Laura Mangan, Senior, Nursing

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Celebrity Sightings!

When you’re a Boilermaker, every day is an adventure. There are so many fun activities you can be a part of around campus when you’re not in class. My friends and I love to get involved in the amazing opportunities Purdue offers its students, and the past couple activities we have pcelebrity sightings 1articipated in have included some famous faces!

A couple of weeks ago, my friends and I got to attend a Hunter Hayes concert at the Elliott Hall of Music! Hunter was performing his “21 Tour” in celebration of his new album, The 21 Project. We had a blast—the show was so energetic and fun! Hunter is a talented artist; he’s truly a rock star when performing live. We were dancing all night long to his new music and his classic songs, and he even performed an encore wearing a Purdue hat, which I thought was the perfect touch! Here is a picture of my friends and I after the show (I’m on the right!) master hiphop

A few nights later, a couple of my girlfriends and I attended a free master hip-hop dance class at our rec center hosted by Jeffrey Page. Jeffrey is an Emmy Award nominated chorographer that has created dances for MTV Music Awards, BET Awards, Fox, and Beyoncé. YES. You read that correctly. He is Beyoncé’s choreographer! The class was such an awesome workout and I loved learning more about hip-hop, funk, and soul through dance. Of course, after the class we had to take a picture giving our fiercest poses. I got to learn some of Beyoncé’s dance moves from the man who taught them to her. Checking that one off my bucket list!

— Ellie Boyer, Junior, Hospitality and Tourism Management

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Feeling Right at Home at Purdue

Fall is my favorite time of the year. The leaves are changing colors, the air is crisp, and of course going to home football games. There’s nothing quite like sitting in the student section at a football game. Doing all the chants with the students and seeing our All American marching band. It’s even more fun being at the game when we win! Our campus is beautiful in the fall. One of my favorite places on campus during this time of the year is by the clapping circles. There are so many trees over there with leaves of so many different shades of yellow, orange, red, and brown. At home, we have a ton of trees in our yard that turn the prettiest colors. And even though I don’t get to go back much, walking by there makes me feel right at home.

— Courtney Emerick, Junior, Psychological Sciences

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