One of my courses this semester is solely devoted to developing and conducting a research experiment. We are able to choose our own research topic and survey a target population. I believe that stress-related conditions are very prevalent in college students and many of us do not have the knowledge to properly cope with our daily stressors. So, I am interested in finding out how stress affects our diet and physical activity. When students become stressed, do they decrease their physical activity because they are overwhelmed? Do they tend to eat unhealthy, sugary snacks or gravitate towards fruits and vegetables? As independent college students, we now have the ability to choose our lifestyle. We do not have the influence of our parents telling us what to eat or physical education classes that force us to stay active. We have to build our own healthy habits.

I will be surveying a sample of college students on Purdue’s campus through an online survey tool called Qualtrics. I am currently reading literature and studies that have focused on this topic. From there, I will create the survey and send it out to students.

It is a difficult task to begin a research project, but if you study something that interests you, it will be a positive challenge. Purdue also gives students the opportunity to get involved with professor’s research. This is not only great for a resume, but you can really find where your interests lie through research.  I would encourage every student to participate in at least one research project throughout his or her time at Purdue. You will not regret it.



Senior, Public Health Promotion

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