Life Changing Moments

I was able to go to my first wedding as a college student this past weekend! It was very different than from when I have attended weddings as a family member or guest.

I went to the wedding of my sorority sister, Anni. She looked BEAUTIFUL. She was proposed to on the day of her graduation from Purdue last Spring, and in just 9 short months, was able to plan and produce a classy and entertaining wedding.

The reason the wedding was so different than from when I was younger was because it made me realize that these life changing moments are so much closer than I had thought. I’m not just a high school student, and I’m not just a college student, I’m an adult making my own decisions, paving my own life courses, and experiencing the memories that I will be reminiscing for years to come. Soon it will be me graduating and walking across the stage, applying for jobs that will turn into careers, and creating a family that will be mine. It was an exciting and emotional day for not only me, but the rest of my sorority sisters that came to celebrate.

— Kathryn Stwalley, Psychological Sciences

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