Mackey Madness

One of my favorite things about coming to Purdue University is the Purdue Men’s Basketball team!! When I was younger my family would bring me to Purdue basketball games all the time and now that I’m older and am an actual student here at a Big Ten school it’s so great to take part all of the excitement that takes place in Mackey during basketball season. This month in particular has been a crazy season for the Boilermakers! Though I enjoy the football games in the fall nothing can top the happiness I feel when basketball season starts. Game days are always so much fun and there is such a rush when the arena is packed full of Purdue fans, all cheering the team for a win! Tonight the Boilermakers beat the Nebraska Cornhuskers (and we thought Indiana was bad) in a win of 83-65! It was such a great game to be a part of the Paint Crew (one of the top student sections in the nation, mind you!), getting to yell and cheer with my fellow peers. With only one home game left, I will definitely be sad to see the season slowly come to an end. I guess that means I’ll just have to start getting ready for next year!

Boiler up!!

— Alyssa Major, Psychological Sciences

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