The Search Is On

It’s that time before spring break- no not the time to begin relaxing and tanning and buying clothes for warm weather- it’s that time to study for midterms, find an internship, and find an apartment! Well, at least this is how my February-March is going. After countless hours of searching different rental sites as well as internship sites, I am finally starting the interview process… for both! These few weeks before spring break will most likely be filled with apartment showings and internship meetings, which are both super exciting!

I am a Public Health Promotion student, so I am currently seeking a position in a large-scale wellness program, something I am very excited to pursue. The internship-seeking process is stressful, but I’m sure it will be just as rewarding once I have gained the experience to put me a step ahead of others in my field. I will be applying to graduate school for a Masters in Public Health next year, so a high quality internship in the field is something that can make a big impact on the application. Did I also mention I am prepping for the GRE (basically the SAT for graduate programs)? What a semester!

Before spring break starts, I would also love to find a place to call home for this internship and the upcoming school year! It’s an interesting experience looking for places… especially having that personal debate about whether I can live without a dishwasher or washing machine/dryer! It should be really fun looking at a few different places for next year. The West Lafayette-Lafayette area is amazingly homey, and I’m really looking forward to the different locations I’m considering; how cool would it be to be in walking distance to a bunch of shops and restaurants? Well, wish me luck!

— Colleen Troke, Public Health Promotion

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