Superheroes, Running, and Interviews

Friday February 7, 2012

So this week has been quite a busy one for me. I had three exams this week, with one on Tuesday and two on Thursday. As if three exams don’t make your day busy enough, when you add that to doing research on MWF from 8:30-5 and all my RA responsibilities, there is not much time to stop and smell the roses. Needless to say I didn’t get too much sleep this week.  But let me tell ya, man am I glad that it is Friday. Next week won’t be nearly as busy, which means that I can take this weekend to get my life back in order, relax, and have some much needed fun. This weekend is extra special because it is one of those rare weekends where I don’t have RA duty at all (when I am on duty I am required to stay on Hilltop grounds from 7pm-7am). So to start off the fun, I have my sorority’s semi-formal dance. It’s called Cuff-‘em and Keep ‘em. Basically what happens is before the dance, your date gets fingerprinted, his mug shot taken, and then handcuffed. Once handcuffed, they get on a bus and taken to the dance, where the girls are waiting with the key. I am taking my boyfriend, Jim, to the dance. He knows that something special happens beforehand, but he doesn’t know what. I am excited to see his reaction. Before the dance, he and I will be going out to dinner. Essentially this will be our Valentine’s Day celebration since we both had three exams this week. I have had no time to make his present so he will receive an IOU on that one.

Let’s see what else am I doing this weekend? Saturday afternoon will be my time to clean my apartment. A deep cleaning has been long overdue. Then in the evening I am going to hear my boyfriend play the saxophone in a Jazz concert. He has a solo so I am excited to hear that. Then Sunday afternoon I will participate in a Hero Run that other Hilltoppers and I do. Basically what happens is we dress up in hero costumes and run around campus. Usually we run 3-4 miles. After our run we go to lunch. It is a lot of fun. We have gotten a lot of honks and shout outs each time we have done it. There was one girl who yelled, “You’re my heroes!” It definitely motivates you to keep going. Currently our league consists of Batman, Flash, Superman, and Captain America. I am Captain America. Yes, I realize it is a male hero, but the costume I found was too perfect. We may have Green Lantern and a Mutant Ninja Turtle join us soon. Here is a picture of us. We hope to get enough people to eventually get us featured in the Purdue Exponent. 

So now that a majority of my exams are done, I can refocus my attention on getting in to medical school. I am currently in the interview stage of things. So far I have had two interviews, one with University of Illinois and one with Indiana University. Yes, I know I am supposed to hate IU, school rival and all, but sometimes you got to do what is required of you. I have two more interviews coming up. My next one is February 22 with Wright State University. They are a school back home in Ohio about 45 minutes from where I live. My last one is March 7 with Rush Medical College in Chicago. If I could pick any medical school to go to, it would be that one. I am pulled by the fact that they are located in Chicago and by the fact that they have a great pediatrics program. Currently that is the kind of doctor I am interested in being, though I know that could change once I am in school. So far the only school I have heard back from is the University of Illinois. They denied me a couple weeks ago, which was disappointing, but I am keeping my spirits up since I have three more chances. From what I understand, you usually only get accepted to one or two medical schools. I would be ecstatic if I got accepted to even one school. It would mean all my hard work has paid off.

Let me explain a little about what I have to do to prepare for an interview and what an interview is like.
So what I do to prepare… It is important to know as much you can about the school beforehand so do a lot of searching on the school’s website for tidbits of information. During the interview, they like to ask you “Why [insert school’s name here]?” so it is best to know what the school offers and why you like it there. I also search different websites where students give reviews of how their interview was there and what it was like. Some sites even have previously asked questions. I usually try and focus on this part the most. I look the question and generate a general idea of what I want to say. You never want to have an answer memorized word for word otherwise it sounds mechanical and impersonal. Another thing you want to do is review all of the information you gave them, all the essays, any research you mentions, experiences, etc. Anything you gave them is fair game on the interview. Also make sure you wear full on business attire. I know this may sound like common sense, but I made the mistake of wearing something that was just business-y. I walked in all confident, but as soon as I saw that I was the most underdressed person there, I lost it all in a heartbeat. It took a bit for me to build it back up before my interview.
So going to the interview… The trip is never just an interview. They day in general consists of a tour of the grounds, info session on the school, and some kind of interaction with current med students. After all that, then you get to have your interview. So far interview sessions have lasted around 30 min. They have asked me questions about myself and my accomplishments, ethical situations, why I want to go to school there, and other random questions, like what does professionalism mean to you or what do you look for in a doctor. You kind of have to be prepared for anything. 

What’s nice, though, is that after my last interview on Mar 7, a couple days later is spring break. It will be a much needed vacation from all the busyness. I am going to the Florida Keys with my boyfriend and some other friends. I am super excited!

So anyway, that’s all for now. I am going to try to blog again after this weekend so I give an update on how the dance went, and hopefully have some good pictures to include.

Hope you have a great day!

Maya Koehler, General Health Sciences

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