Growing Up

College is a place where you will find your true self and mature so much.  Coming to college for most is a big adjustment, whether it’s getting adjusted to being away from home, handling a different work load, or learning to manage your time better.  When I first came to Purdue I had to adjust to being away from my family for the first time, since home was 3 hours away.  Making the decision to come to Purdue and be away from my family has helped me grow up and gain so much independence over the last 4 years.  Throughout my time here at Purdue each year has been another little baby step of growing up.  Just this week I took another big step; finishing up my first 8-week student teaching placement, applying for my first job and getting graduation materials in order. Though this may all seem very overwhelming to you right now, it will come naturally to you over the next several years of your life once you come to college.  Be sure to sit back and enjoy your rollercoaster ride, you will have so much fun and learn so much along the way.

Until next time,

— Bridget Gehlhausen, Family & Consumer Sciences Education

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