Wes Wilson

Meet Wes Wilson, our very first student spotlight!

Wes at PETE's PALS

Wes is a student in Health and Kinesiology with a major in Health and Physical Education. Wes is highly involved at Purdue and was even named Outstanding Senior for HK this year! We are proud to say that Wes is part of HHS. Keep reading to see our interview with Wes.

  1.  Name: Wes Wilson
  2.  Hometown: Goshen, IN        
  3. Major: Health and Physical Education
  4. Unit: Health and Kinesiology
  5.  Year: Senior
  6. Student Organizations: PETE’s PALs, HK Club
  7. Residence: off campus
  8. How did you decide to come to Purdue?
    It was the first university I really looked at and one of the two to which I applied.  I didn’t really know where I wanted to study or what I wanted to do.  Ironically, a lack of direction back then has led me to a purposeful path now.
  9. What has been your favorite class?
    Over my six years at Purdue, I have taken so many classes that I cannot answer this question with certainty.  I do not know…COM 114?  Just kidding—I don’t really have a favorite class.
  10.  How did/do you want to make an impact while you are at Purdue?
    The biggest effort that I have been involved with is the advocacy for a physical activity program for the special needs population (PETE’s PALs).  I love seeing Purdue students from all kinds of academic backgrounds volunteer their time to work individually with children with disabilities. Our Purdue volunteers are able to extend themselves outside their comfort zones and in doing so, they give our program’s participants an opportunity to enjoy physical activity.  I am honored to have witnessed this partnership between the Purdue and the special needs communities over the last few years.
  11.  Tell us about some of your recent accomplishments, current research areas, projects, internships:
    -NASPE Major of the Year (2012)
    -HHS Outstanding Senior from the Department of Health and Kinesiology (2012)
    -Co-published in two peer-reviewed journals.
    -Presented at state and national professional conferences (IAHPERD and AAHPERD, respectively)
  12. What is one thing you would want to tell someone who is thinking of coming to Purdue?
    You can spend more time at Purdue if you make sure to switch majors several times during your tenure!
  13. What is your dream job?
    Teaching and/or researching adapted physical education best practices.
  14. What is your favorite Purdue memory?
    Meeting my wife in Windsor Dining Hall back in 2007.
  15. Favorite Purdue hangout?
    Lambert Field House…I loved it so much that I spend all of my time there!
  16.  Words of advice for current/prospective students: Don’t be afraid to change majors.  I changed majors after two and a half years in Spanish Education and I have never been so excited about the future. 
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One Response to Wes Wilson

  1. Ron and Julia Weaver says:

    Wow, we are really impressed with Wes’ accomplishments. We always knew he is a special guy with lots of talents. Congratulations to Wes! Ron and Julie Weaver

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