Much Needed Time Off

Just when I thought that I was too exhausted and that I couldn’t do any more work, spring break finally came around!  This year I went to Panama City Beach, Florida and it was amazing in every way.  After packing up my bags, my friends and I put them in the car and started on a 13-hour drive to the beach and the sun.  The drive seemed to last for ever, but it was completely worth it when we finally entered Florida and saw the beach.  I went with 9 of my good friends and then met up with a bunch of my other friends when we got there.   From March 11 until March 16, all we did was hang out on the beach, relax, eat some great meals, and recover from a tough few weeks of school.  When the 16th finally came around, we all packed up our cars and began to drive home, fully refreshed.  It was just the break I needed!  Since I have been back to school, I have been much more relaxed, energized, and in an all around better mood.  Although it was expensive and the drive was long, the trip was totally worth it and I cannot wait to do it again.  Thank goodness that Purdue has spring break once a year to give us all the break time that we need to keep on trucking through the school semester.  I’m already counting down the days until next year!

— Sam Shaner

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