Kaylie Waltz

Kaylie Waltz is our Student Spotlight for Health Sciences this month!

Kaylie is slated to graduate this May with a degree in General Health Sciences. Her involvement on campus has even led her to the distinction of Outstanding Senior in Health Sciences. She is involved in many different areas on Campus and was even crowned Homecoming Queen this year. Congratulations, Kaylie, it is students like you who make HHS and Purdue proud! Read on to see our interview with Kaylie.

  1. Name: Kaylie Waltz
  2. Hometown: Cicero, IN
  3. Major: General Health Sciences, Pre-Physician Assistant
  4. Unit: Health Sciences
  5. Year: Senior
  6. Student Organizations: Boiler Gold Rush (BGR), Purdue University Dance Marathon (PUDM), HHS Ambassadors, Purdue Wind Ensemble, Mortar Board Senior Honorary, Kappa Kappa Gamma
  7. Residence: Kappa Kappa Gamma
  8. How did you decide to come to Purdue? Purdue was the only big ten school I was looking at when I was going through my college search. I was looking at all small schools. However, when I came to Purdue, not only did I fall in the love with the people, the campus, and my major’s program, I realized Purdue would challenge me and require me to step out of my comfort zone. I knew Purdue’s reputation would help me later in my career and that it would provide me with opportunities that other schools couldn’t offer.
  9. What has been your favorite class? Anatomy and Physiology
  10. How do you want to make an impact while you are at Purdue? I wanted to make an impact at Purdue through my involvement with student organizations. I quickly became involved on campus with Boiler Gold Rush, the new student orientation program. I knew how much the program helped me transition from high school to college and wanted other new students to have the same experience I did. I wanted to share my passion for this university with others and help other students realize that getting involved can completely change your college experience in a positive way.
  11. Tell us about some of your recent accomplishments, current research areas, projects, internships: A few weeks ago, I was honored at the College of Health and Human Sciences Awards Banquet as the Health Science’s Outstanding Senior. Just this past fall, I was also a member of the Purdue Homecoming Court and received the honor of being chosen to represent Purdue as Purdue’s Homecoming Queen. Additionally, I have worked the past two summers as an intern at Roche Diagnostics in Research and Development and am currently preparing to graduate this May.
  12. What is one thing you would want to tell someone who is thinking of coming to Purdue? DO IT! My experience at Purdue has been above and beyond what I expected, and I truly believe that the university offers so many exciting opportunities that help you to grow as an individual and a student. If you come to Purdue, you will never be bored again.
  13. What is your dream job? My dream job would be to work as a Physician Assistant in a hospital in the area of pediatric oncology.
  14. What is your favorite Purdue memory? My favorite memory was being able to go down on the football field during halftime on Homecoming to be crowned as the Purdue Homecoming Queen, and being able to wave to an entire stadium of Purdue fans.
  15. Favorite Purdue hangout? Slayter Hill, when it’s nice or when it’s snowed and everyone is sledding!
  16. Words of advice for current/prospective students: Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. Make sure you get involved right away as a freshmen, you will meet so many amazing people and will be able to make an impact right away. Remember why you came to Purdue in the first place and always put your academics first. Take advantage of every opportunity that you can. Lastly, don’t let failure stop you, keep trying and never ever give up.
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