Kappa Kappa Gamma Mother’s Weekend

This past weekend was my last Mother’s weekend for my sorority Kappa Kappa Gamma. It is always such a special weekend since I get to share my experience in Kappa with my mother and show her how much it’s meant to me. It also lets her get to know my sisters more and also meet their mothers. This year, we had a formal dinner in our kitchen for just the seniors and their moms. After the dinner, each girl read their mother a letter they had written, telling them how much they appreciate all that they have done for them and sharing memories. It was really special for me to be able to tell my mom that all she does for me does not go unnoticed.

The next morning we had a brunch at the Holiday Inn with our whole house. It is always nice to be able to meet everyone’s mothers. After the brunch, each girl is able to introduce herself and the seniors always say what they are doing next year. It was a reality shock when I realized it was my turn to do this. After the introductions, they played a senior video with pictures from the past four years. I realized what an incredible time I’ve had here at Purdue, especially with the friends I’ve made in Kappa. After the brunch, I took my mother to the various shops around campus and got some coffee with her. It was nice to have a weekend to catch up and to show her a little of what my life looks like here. I know she also likes being able to experience this as well. It will definitely be a weekend that I’ll always remember.

— Kaylie Waltz

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