Student Spotlight – Kate Brett

Congratulations to Kate Brett, our Student Spotlight for the beginning of May!

Kate is a nursing major who is passionate about the nursing program, as well as Purdue. She is involved with Nursing Student Council, a mentoring program, and Nursing Ambassadors. Thanks, Kate for showing your Purdue and HHS pride! Read on to see our interview with Katherine:

  1. Name: Kate Brett
  2. Hometown: Palos Heights,IL
  3. Major: Nursing
  4. Unit: Nursing
  5. Year:  Senior (in Fall 2012)
  6. Student Organizations:  Alpha Chi Omega, PSNA, Purdue Nursing Ambassadors
  7. Residence:  Alpha Chi Omega
  8. How did you decide to come to Purdue? When I visited the campus as a junior in high school, I knew that this was the campus I wanted to be on.  I love the way campus is spread out in comparison to other schools.  Also, out of all the nursing programs I visited, Purdue’s intrigued me the most – Laura Curry, one of our advisors, was friendly and honest about the program and convinced me to pursue it.
  9. What has been your favorite class? I loved Nursing of Women and Child Bearing Families (OB).  The two areas I want to focus on are women’s health – including labor and delivery – and NICU care.  The clinical was so much fun, and my professor made sure we got to witness a wide variety of patient scenarios – including live births and postpartum care.
  10. How do you want to make an impact while you are at Purdue?  I want to make every incoming class of freshman feel welcome within the nursing program.  I served on the Nursing Student Council for two years and was actively involved in the Mentor/Mentee program which matches freshman with an older nursing student to answer any questions they have and introduce them to the program.  I now am on Nursing Ambassadors and have the opportunity to share the great aspects of the nursing program with prospective students.  I still speak very highly of the Mentor/Mentee program and stay in touch with Liz, my mentee from this year.
  11. Tell us about some of your recent accomplishments, current research areas, projects, internships:  This summer I am working as a student nurse extern atNorthwesternMemorialHospitalinChicago.  I was lucky enough to be accepted to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, and I could not be more excited!  I absolutely loved infant care in my clinicals this past year and I look forward to learning so much more!
  12. What is one thing you would want to tell someone who is thinking of coming to Purdue?  Come to Purdue! Every program here offers great support to its incoming students and in addition to that,BGRis a fantastic way to meet new people and have a blast.  I know a lot of people who are heavily involved inBGRand every year they have such a great time.
  13. What is your dream job? Working on a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.
  14. What is your favorite Purdue memory?  I sat thinking about this for such a long time, and I honestly don’t know! This year I was a model in the Purdue Fashion Show for a friend’s senior collection.  I had so much fun and didn’t fall!  This was only one of the great memories I have from Purdue.
  15. Favorite Purdue hangout?  Chipolte.  I always want to go get a burrito bowl with people!
  16. Words of advice:  Hard work pays off.  Everybody struggles but if you know you can succeed – you will.
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