My Summer Job!

Well finals are over, and summer is in full swing! This summer I am working at the Vanderburgh County Extension Office. It is my second summer working here, and it is a lot of fun! Our Extension Office does a lot with the 4-H program so I am in charge of organizing various events such as our Fashion Revue and getting everything ready for the fair!! (And if you live in/around Vanderburgh County…you should definitely come out to the Vanderburgh County Fair July 23-28!) Along with doing things for the fair, I also lead summer outreach programs. This is where I go around to local day camps and prepare crafts and games for the kids! This is my favorite part of my job! It’s so fun to see all of the smiling faces, and they think you are SO cool because you’re in college! Being a dietetics major I hope to work in extension when I get out of college so this is a great job to network and ‘get my foot in the door.’ We actually have a dietetic intern working with us right now. She is getting her Master’s Degree in Dietetics at ISU! I am really excited that I will be working with her this summer teaching a “Dining with Diabetes” class once a week at a local library. We will hold informational sessions teaching the community how to eat right with diabetes, and I will be doing food demos!

Here is my tip to you!!….Get involved!!  Find a job that relates to your major, job shadow, find community service! The possibilities are endless, and the more you have on a resume, the more marketable you will be when applying for jobs! I hope you enjoy the rest of your summer!! And until you hear from me again…BOILER UP!!

-Alyssa Slater, Dietetics

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