Keep It Simple . . . .

My summer so far consists of five main things. I like to keep it simple during these three months of sweet relaxation. First is work. I work in the maintenance at one of the many golf courses in my hometown, a suburb of St. Louis. Eight and a half hours a day. I get up early. Really early. Earlier than 7:30 a.m. lecture early. My workday ends at 2 p.m. You do the math. Anyway, it’s a good income and keeps the money flowing  so I can save a lot and spend the rest on golf and fishing. Those are two of the five. I try to do both activities at least twice a week, but sometimes softball and volleyball—those are the last two—get in the way. So, for it being those three months of sweet relaxation, I think I keep myself pretty busy. But from what I’ve learned at college, keeping yourself occupied is the best way to be successful. Whenever I had too much free time, I’d sit down and get in a mode where I didn’t want to get back up and do anything. But if I kept going from one activity to the next, it was easier to get everything done that I needed to. In my opinion, being “smarter” than other students doesn’t automatically make you more likely to succeed. The hard workers who involved themselves in organizations and go to every class are the ones who will come out of college ready for the real world. I’ve seen plenty of really smart people who don’t apply themselves and end up going down a road of laziness and apathy. So don’t be lazy. As soon as you get to school, get out there and start looking for stuff to keep you busy. You don’t have to be in 10 different organizations, in fact, I suggest you don’t. Find two or three that really interest you and dedicate yourself to them. The rewards will be very clear when you do. Don’t be worried about finding something you’re interested in either. Purdue has more organizations, clubs, and teams than you could dream of. You’re probably really excited to go to school, and I am too, but enjoy your summer and your STAR visits and hopefully I’ll meet some of you at Boiler Gold Rush in August. Feel free to contact me anytime ( If you did the math, I start at 5:30 in the morning, so by anytime, I mean before 9p.m. (yes I know it’s pathetic but I need my sleep).

Until next time…Gone Fishin!

–Patrick Davis, Movement & Sports Sciences

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