Blog incoming, brace for impact

Summer break is full of possibilities for Purdue students. I had a few friends go on a medical mission trip as part of our club Raising Awareness in International Medicine. They built a water system for a village and volunteered at a clinic in Nicaragua. I have some other classmates currently in Germany, Spain, and Italy for a teaching internship, language immersion, and a business internship respectively. Some of my teammates went on a Caribbean cruise while some stayed in West Lafayette to train for next season. My girlfriend is working for a bio-research company in Indianapolis.

You might be wondering to yourself, where am I and what am I doing?

Unfortunately, I have to make enough money to come back to school next semester, so I am working the best paying job I can find at home in South Bend, even though it doesn’t have much to do with my major (and by not much I really mean not at all). I did score a nice local internship at an outpatient rehab clinic, which I will start tomorrow morning. The 70 observation hours I’ll get will detract from my paychecks, but the experience will help me get into a physical therapy program. So my advice to incoming freshman, work your butts off to get scholarships, work this summer to earn enough money to get you to your degree, or work part-time during the school year, or you’ll end up like this guy, cleaning a shipping terminal in New Jersey. God I wanna go back to school.

— Andy Wiseman, Health Sciences

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