My Summer Internship with a Speech Language Practitioner

Well my summer break has officially begun and its nice to have some time off for a couple of months before we go back to Purdue in August.  I’ve started my summer with an internship at my local Rehabilitation Center and Nursing home right in my hometown, Greentown, Indiana.  I go there two days a week and I get to observe a Speech-Language Pathologist each day and see whats on her case load for the week.  I’ve gotten to help with some speech therapy and I’ve really enjoyed getting to see what a SLP does in a rehab/nursing home setting with the older population.  I know I’ve made the right career choice and some of the concepts I’ve learned from my classes at Purdue can be applied to what I’ve been observing, which is awesome!  I’m excited for the new classes I’ll be taking in August in my major and I can’t wait to be back in Boilermaker country soon!  After I’m done with my internship, I start my summer job at Pioneer Hi-Bred International, where I serve as a seasonal corn pollinator for the month of July.  It’s a really hot job, but the money is nice to have for when I’m back at Purdue. Hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful weather and as always, Hail Purdue and Boiler Up!

— Courtney Wisher, Speech, Language & Hearing Sciences

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