Lettuce Entertain You!!!

Hi!  My summer’s going well. I’m working in the Water Tower in downtown Chicago for Lettuce Entertain You. I currently work at their fast casual restaurant M. Burger. I love everything about working downtown. On my lunch breaks I walk a block up and I’m at the beach!! At work they have me do everything from serving guests to dipping their famous ice cream cones, and its a little tricky. I dropped plenty of cones before. Oops! Being a HTM major I want to pursue a career in the restaurant industry. I am very thankful I was able to attain this position at M. Burger because my goal is to work for Lettuce Entertain You upon college graduation. I’m glad I attended the HTM career fair as a freshman where I met a recruiter who linked me with this job. I miss Purdue but I’m also loving being home and catching up with old friends.

In a little over a month I will be returning for Boiler Gold Rush as a Team Leader!!! I am very excited for this and am still working on making the best beacon for my group. I cannot wait to attend and meet my group of incoming students. I’m sure they’ll be awesome! Well that’s my summer so far. I’ll keep in touch.

Boiler Up!!!

 — Dancey A. York, Hospitality and Tourism Management

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