Cancer Prevention Internship Program

My summer has been very eventful. After finishing my sophomore year, I went home to Colorado for three weeks to see my family and friends. I enjoyed being outdoors and playing a lot of golf! I came back to Purdue however, just before the first of June to start my yearlong research project. I am working in Dr. Jennifer Freeman’s Toxicology lab and looking at how exposure to Atrazine, a commonly used herbicide in the Midwest, can lead to melanoma.

The program that oversees this research is CPIP (Cancer Prevention Internship Program) and so far I have had the privilege of meeting many outstanding students working in other areas of research. Each week, all of the undergraduates in the program meet to discuss their research and there is typically a lecture regarding various aspects of research such as writing a research article, submitting a piece of work, and choosing a journal article to send you work to. I am learning many things in this program and I look forward to seeing some results in my own research within the next year.

Aside from my research this summer, I have enjoyed doing some pretty cool things like going to the Kentucky Derby, visiting Chicago, and being with friends that are either working at Purdue this summer or taking classes. I am excited for what the rest of summer entails and come August I will ready to help with Boiler Gold Rush as Team Supervisor and introduce many new students to this great University!

— Geoff Ryan, Health Sciences PreProfessional

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