Getting Ready for the Real World!

As you approach your junior and senior year in college, you need to get ready for the real world. You need to prepare yourself because the work force and graduate schools are looking for unique applicants. It’s that internship experience, that volunteering, that mission trip that makes you unique. Therefore, it is important for you to look for those opportunities.

This year during my summer, I was able to go to two hospitals in Guatemala City, my hometown, to shadow physicians and to rotate in different departments of the hospital. I went every day for three weeks, five hours per day. After that I went twice week for eight weeks. In the maternity department, I got the opportunity to go into various c-section surgeries, natural labor, and even help a physician do a tube ligation. In the emergency department, I got to examine patients by palpitating the stomach, and listening to their lungs and heart with a stethoscope.  In the pediatric cardiology department, I attended weekly case discussions, patient visits, a heart surgery (tetralogy of fallot), and intensive care visits. In the oncology department, I learned how to liberate the respiratory airway, manually ventilate, and place foley catheters.

Internships give you a chance to experience what you might be doing in the future. Don’t leave it until the end because it might be too late for you to change your career. The earlier you get exposed to the career you want to pursue, the more passionate you will be to become “what you want to be when you grow up.”

Michelle Lee – Heath Sciences PreProfessional

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