A New Energy On Campus!!

Hey everyone! My name is Caitlyn Lowry and I am a sophomore in nursing. I am so thrilled to be back here at Purdue for so many reasons (with the exception that I am already doing my first load of laundry…oh, college life.) This summer I spent my time studying microbiology and working as a waitress, so I didn’t get too much of a break, but when I did it was great to go to the beach, visit with friends from my hometown, and travel across Indiana to visit the friends I made last year at Purdue!

But finally, it is wonderful and refreshing to be back at Purdue. I had a great, but hectic, first week back at Purdue since I was able to lead a group of new students around campus as a Team Leader during the week of Boiler Gold Rush. It was such a great experience and I definitely learned so much from my group of 14 students from Cary! My favorite night was Unionfest, where we danced all night in the South Ballroom and ended the night with a karaoke session; it was so much fun!

Now with classes beginning right around the corner, I can feel the buzz around campus as everyone prepares for the year to begin. Whether they’re moving in, rushing to the bookstore, or to navigate their way around campus to find their classes, there is an energy on campus that has been absent for the past three months and I am the first to say that it’s been missed. Hope you all have a wonderful first week of classes and I will keep you updated as I begin my sophomore nursing classes!

— Caitlyn Lowry, Nursing

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