First Week of Classes

We’ve all now made it through the first week of our Fall 2012 semester. From moving into our dorms or apartments to standing in the long lines at the bookstores for our textbooks to already getting homework done for classes, it’s been a long hectic week. But on top of starting classes this week, I also started my job with REC Sports. I work with member services in the entry control division, so I get to interact with people and at the same time have time to do my homework when things are slow. Right now with the REC still under construction I am only working two days a week, once at the Aqua Center and the other day at the TREC. So again, it is not to time consuming which is great because I still have time for school and friends, but it also gives me a chance for a little extra money in my pocket! I cannot wait for all the construction to be completed so there is no more waiting for an elliptical or treadmill! It is one of the things I am most looking forward to this school year!

–Priscilla Gaona, Movement and Sports Science

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