Boiler Gold Rush Fun

In all the many weeks I’ve attended this University over the past two years, none was more inspiring than the week before school this Fall. I participated in Boiler Gold Rush, Purdue’s world-renowned new student orientation program as a Team Leader, and then went through orientation myself as a Student Ambassador for the College of HHS. It felt great to be back at school, showing new students around campus, playing games, eating in the busy dining halls, and having dance parties in Elliot. Nothing was more rewarding, though than seeing how easy it was for everyone in my group to make new friends and feel at home. The first time we all met each other everyone was very shy and timid, not knowing what to expect or if they would be able to make friends. The first time the entire program convened in Elliot, none of the students were dancing. All the team leaders were jumping around in the aisles going crazy trying to get the new students to feel comfortable in a fun environment. However, they were just too shy. After three days of following me around, learning each other’s names, and getting to know campus a little better, it was amazing to see 18 new students dancing and singing in Elliot Hall at the end of the program. Seeing the difference I had made an familiarizing these new students with campus made me realize how great of a place Purdue was. In only 3 short days they learned to call Purdue home.

After BGR was finished, I spent two days in orientation as an HHS student ambassador. The last thing we did was set up different tables representing different departments within the College of HHS, and welcome new students who came to meet us. They were all very eager and excited to be here and that excitement definitely rubbed off on me. This first week of school was tiring, but I really have learned to appreciate the privilege I have to attend this University. In my eyes, Purdue is the best university in the world and I couldn’t see myself as anything but a Boilermaker.

Boiler Up!

— Patrick Davis, Movement & Sports Sciences

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