Welcome Back!

As we approach the middle of our second week back to class, we at Student Services wanted to say welcome back! We hope you are enjoying your time in HHS at Purdue, whether it be your first year or your last! For those of you still in middle or high school, we hope that you are enjoying your time back to class as well.

As you know this blog is mainly posts from our students about what they are doing, but from time to we like to give you updates and insights from Student Services. Below you can find information for both prospective and current students!

For Prospective Students:

As you know, the time may be approaching for you to apply to the college of your choice, if you are a Senior this year! Here are some dates for you to remember:

  • October 15: First Notification Guarantee – applications that are complete by this date are guaranteed to have a decision on December 7.
  • November 15: Firm* application deadline for Nursing and Veterinary Technology
  • November 15: Firm* application deadline for Purdue scholarship consideration
  • March 1: Priority* application deadline for all academic programs other than those noted in November 15 deadlines

We also have Fall Preview days coming up soon! During fall preview days you can attend an information fair, meet with college/school representatives, and tour interesting places on campus. Attending a fall preview day is a great way  to get to know Purdue! The dates are listed below.  You can sign up here: http://admissions.purdue.edu/Visit_Programs/Fall_Preview_Days.html

  • Thursday, September 27
  • Monday, October 1
  • Wednesday, October 17
  • Friday, October 19
  • Thursday, October 25
  • Monday, November 5

Lastly, you can set up daily visits to come take a campus tour or even sit in on a class with one of our student ambassadors. To set up a visit with an HHS advisor or to sit in on an HHS class, please call 765-494-8533. You can set up campus tours through admissions at admissions.purdue.edu  

To see other items you can do to prepare for applying/admittance to College, see this list from admissions: http://admissions.purdue.edu/Admissions_Criteria/Freshman_to_Do.html

For Current Students:

Please see these two calendars for important dates for dropping/adding classes:

Now is the time to get involved! Call outs for various student organizations are happening now!

If you have questions, please call 765-494-8533 or email  hhsinfo@purdue.edu

We hope that you all have a great semester!

Boiler Up!

HHS Student Services

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