My New Favorite Day of the Week

I’m making it official… Thursday is now my favorite day of the week!

Fridays are always nice seeing as the weekend is near (het pumped, football starts again this weekend!!), and Tuesdays were a favorite last semester because I loved my human anatomy labs. This summer however, I found a reason to love Thursdays at Purdue.

Alongside being a student ambassador, I am also a tour guide for Purdue’s Office of Admissions. I stayed on campus for the summer to lead daily tours in addition to taking a couple courses.  Starting back in May my tour groups and I would make our way by the Engineering fountain, past Purdue’s iconic bell tower and without fail, every Thursday we walked through an on campus Farmers Market. Located conveniently between Wetherill and Stanley Coulter Hall, local Indiana growers and merchants lay out all kinds of fresh produce, baked goods, & entrees. So irresistible and very delicious!!

The farmers market continues to be a huge weekly hit as the fall semester has begun. Open from 11am to 3pm, I love stopping by between classes with friends to see what’s new. Talking with the locals and checking out the booths is an exciting part of Purdue’s friendly campus. Just last week my roommate came home with lots of produce—we had never cooked with fresh beets, but they turned out great! And today, I fell in love with the Kabobs!

The market is open through October 25, and I will be sure to visit for lunch each week. Rumor has it — the bacon pork burger is another top winner!

— Sarah Godbold, Dietetics/Nutriton, Fitness & Health

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