August Recap

It seems like a lifetime ago that I was moving back down to start my Junior year (it’s really only been a month). This August I was lucky enough to participate in Boiler Gold Rush as a team leader for a group of 15 new students. The intensive 7 day week consisted of very little sleep, a lot of cheering, and a whole lot of dancing. I loved every minute of showing the new students the ins and outs of Purdue. Seeing everything Purdue has to offer through the eyes of a new student refreshed my perspective and deepened my love of this school I call home. I would suggest to everyone, in every grade level to interview to be a Team Leader. I learned so much  about myself, my leadership strengths, my weaknesses, and a TON of new dance moves.

Getting into the Boilermaker spirit was a great way to start of this school year. I’ve heard from a lot of people that the Junior year of Nursing is a tough one, but I’m excited to take on the challenge. This year I really get to put my nursing skills to use with my off-campus clinical classes 2 days a week. We even get to shadow a nurse for a night in the ER, which will definitely be an eye opener. Being thrown right into patient care on my second day was a shock for me, but with the help of my amazing clinical professor and classmates, I think this will be a great semester!

Boiler Up!

— Mary Jacobs, Nursing

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