Summer Fun at Conner Prairie Summer Day Camp

What did you do with your summer time? Well since I am in college and learning what it’s kind of like to live on my own, I had the privilege of working a job all summer. I went to a summer camp fair session held at Purdue that my advisor let me know about. I learned a lot of information about camps all over, as well as the different types of camps that are available. When it came to making a final decision, I chose to work at Conner Prairie Summer Day Camp. I was hired on as an adventure camp counselor. This job ended up being one of the best jobs I’ve ever had. I got to work with kids all summer, which I thoroughly enjoyed. A normal week at camp for me usually was canoeing, splatball, swimming in a pond, archery, slip-n-slide, cooking over a fire, homemade ice cream, tye-dye, camp songs, and many more games/activities. Basically I played all day with kids ranging from 5-15 and the best part was I got PAID to do it! Every week we were paired up in boy-girl counselor pairs and assigned a group of kids for the week; Farm Friends (5 year-olds), Prairie Pals (6-7 year-olds), Trail Blazers (8-9 year olds), River Runners (10-11 year-olds) and LITS (12-15 year olds, but they had set counselors all summer). As a human service major this was a great experience to secure because I really want to work with kids in my future. The kids were super sweet and I actually had a funny incident with 2 boys my last week of camp, who were trying to convince my co-counselor and me to eat lunch as a group instead of with the rest of the camp , because they enjoyed when we played games with just them. They told me they could write a persuasive essay (granted these were 10-11 year-olds) and they did to try and get our approval (I attached a picture of the essay). It is probably one of the sweetest things ever, as well as other cards and notes I received from different kids and families over the course of the summer! I owe a lot of thanks to Purdue for offering the opportunity for me to learn about the camps and network with them right on campus.

Boiler Up!

–Ronnie Campbell, Human Services

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