Getting Into the Swing of Things

The weather is beautiful outside, Purdue football has kicked off, and classes are getting interesting! The beginning of every semester is always an exciting time. This week I am looking forward to all of the companies here to recruit, a home football game, and spending time with friends.  Since this is my last semester at Purdue University I am trying to savor every second of it. It is bittersweet starting to look for jobs but I will be sad to leave Purdue and the great times I have had here.

Whether you are a new Purdue student or a new student of any school, take advantage of the opportunities during the beginning of the semester. Attend call-outs for clubs and organizations. Take advantage of being outdoors; play sports, go to sporting events, and study outdoors. This is and exciting time of the year because it is the beginning of a lot of new things.

I know I am enjoying this time of the year : )

–Megan Finger, Hospitality & Tourism Mangement

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