Study, Work Hard & Have Fun

It is four weeks into the school year already and I still feel like I just stepped on campus sometimes. With the semester moving along rather quickly and many people taking their first exams, we are all starting to feel the pressures of the college schedule. Being an ambassador, having a part-time job at the dining court, being a student coordinator for the BCC, being involved in academic societies volunteering on and off campus, and having 15-credit hours, I would say I definitely have my work cut out for me this semester. I find joy in my extracurriculars and though they may require a lot of work at times, they provide rewarding experiences and allow me to think actively outside of class time. This is a semester of firsts for me: this is my first time being an ambassador, my first semester having a job on campus and my first time having an executive student position in an organization. I can say that HHS Ambassadors so far has been very exciting this semester with the ambassador orientation, the welcoming of new students and the excitement of talking to even eighth grade students who are already enthused about the idea of college. Having the strong sense of pride and citizenship that I do here at Purdue University makes me that much more excited to tell people about my school, why they would love it here, and my experience so far.

The first exciting break for the student body is October break. This year, I am receiving the opportunity to go, along with many of my other Black Cultural Center peers and faculty, to Detroit, Michigan and Windsor, Canada to explore the Underground Railroad as well as the rebirth of Detroit and its current culture and legacy. I am very excited seeing as how I have been to neither of these places and this will be my first time outside of the country so it should be a broadening experience. Everyone enjoy the rest of your semester, study, work hard, and have fun!

— Sarah Muhammad, Didactic Program in Dietetics

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