Student Spotlight: Elise Schieler

Student spotlight is back! This month we are featuring Elise Schieler. Elise is currently a Senior in Financial Counseling and Planning with a Minor in OLS (Organizational Leadership and Supervision). Elise is working hard to impact the next generation of boilermakers through mentoring. Elise was selected as a Peer Mentor for CSR 100 this semester. In this role, she is helping new freshmen and sophomores in Financial Counseling & Planning transition from high school or another major into the program. She is taking her mentees on an interview with a professional and will be doing an outside/campus activity with them as well. In class she is presenting information about the major, her internship experiences, and student activities. She is the President of PCFCP club.

See our interview with Elise below!

Name: Elise Schieler
Hometown: Lafayette, IN
Major: Financial Counseling and Planning with an OLS Minor
Unit: Consumer Sciences and Retailing
Year: Senior
Student Organizations: PASE-4 year member, Purdue Collegiate Financial Planners Club-2 year member & Current President.
Residence: Off Campus
How did you decide to come to Purdue? I grew up with Purdue in  my backyard, I bleed BLACK AND GOLD
What has been your favorite class? Art Appreciation (AD 25500)
How do you want to make an impact while you are at Purdue? By helping freshmen get their plans of study set up so that they can graduate in four years.
Tell us about some of your recent accomplishments: I am currently working for Purdue Federal Credit Union as a Credit Counseling Intern. I help run their Merit Checking program as well as work with the Credit Counselors to improve my one on one interaction with clients and members.
What is one thing you would want to tell someone who is thinking of coming to Purdue? There are 40,000 students on this campus, you can always meet someone new every day, and they can literally be from the other side of the world. So what are you waiting for come to Purdue and make those global connections and friendships.
What is your dream job? CEO or CFO of a major Fortune 500 (or larger company).
What is your favorite Purdue memory? Going to my first Purdue Game when I was five years old, I experienced the Boiler madness and was hooked. Also jumping south across that railroad track during BRG…I can’t wait to jump north across them after commencement in May! Both are tied for my favorite memory.
Favorite Purdue hangout? HTM Café in Marriott or the Union at Christmas.
Words of advice: High School and College are completely different. College truly allows you to discover what you want to do with your life and gives you the tool AND the opportunities to achieve your goals. So take advantage of everything you have available to you!
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