Senior Year Classes

This is definitely the busiest year that I’ve had! With TAing a class, working my job in Lafayette, and being President of a Sorority, you’d think that I had forgotten I was here at Purdue taking 15 credit hours. Luckily the courses that I’m taking are really interesting and enjoyable to attend. Two classes that have kept me motivated are my SOC450: Modern Roles of Sex in Society and PSY428: Drugs and Behavior. These two courses don’t have a lot of extra work, so my grade is based solely on a few exams, but I’m not too worried because I’ve been so involved in the courses.

My first class, SOC450 is describing how gender has been a social construction and the theories of why there is such inequality throughout cultures across the world. Being of the female sex, the course is particularly eye-opening and inspiring to see how history has affected our behavior today.

My other course, PSY428 is quite controversial and never has had an issue of classroom attendance. We not only talk about the effects of drugs but how society has developed into such a worrisome state over chemicals and plants. Sometimes the discusion is comical seeing the progression of drug legislation and other times its infuriating and frustrating to see the effects of the various topics.

Senior year is not only getting me ready for the real world with job preparation and essential skills but it is also molding me into an individual that questions her surroundings and critically evaluating the world around me; and I think that’s what college is truly about.

— Kathryn Stwalley, Psychological Sciences

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