Fall is Here!!!

Fall is here!! I’m so excited for the football season and all that fall entails:  tailgating, homecoming, family weekends, barn dances, corn mazes, volleyball games, and many more awesome Purdue activities.  This past week or so I’ve had my first round of exams, two on Friday, three on Monday, but I survived and am beginning the next round of studying.

Last week, I also had the opportunity to go to a Purdue Volleyball game with my mom!  It was great to see them in action and watch the sport that I love so much.  It was especially cheap to watch a game too, only a few bucks.  The atmosphere at Purdue, during any sports event, is irresistible.

Another fun aspect of my life lately is the involvement in my Cooperative house…our current pledge class is working on their Pledge Project. This is when the new girls are given rooms in our house, Glenwood Cooperative, and they design, decorate, and redo the whole room.  Through this they bond, learn to work hard together, and at the same time improve the house we share.  They are working on our guest room, phone room, and sun porch…so far the rooms look great and this week is their last chance to make finishing touches.

In my academics, the most exciting thing I have going on now is my Ceramics class. I have an Art and Design minor and am in the process of finishing up the requirements.  For class we are throwing cylinders and will eventually work our way to bowls and many more cups. It is very fun to be able to go into class and not realize three hours has gone by and its time to go!!  A kiln, or an oven type machine, is what we put the clay in after it dries and this makes it bisque fired which means it is now breakable, or like a standard cup.  I’m learning so much and am able to create anything I think.  I even joined C.U.P. Club, a recently created clay club that advanced students can join.  Its great!

Hope everyone’s semester is going well and that you can enjoy fall as much as I do!!

— Elizabeth Overpeck, Hospitality & Tourism Management

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