Interview Season

Interview season is always a very stressful time for college students. Everyone is trying to perfect their resumes and prepare for interviews. One of the great things about Purdue is that tons of companies swarm the campus around this time of year to recruit many Boilermakers. A couple of weeks ago there was the industrial round table (aka IR) where tons of companies lined the Memorial Mall on campus and tons of students dressed up and talked with the different companies over a two-day period. I personally did not attend IR because this particular career fair is mostly for engineering and other technical fields, but I did purposely walk near the Memorial Mall to observe. There were lines of students everywhere waiting for probably quite some time just in hopes for an interview with a particular company. I know many girls in my sorority house were successful in getting an interview, and some even were able to land fantastic internships. Many individual colleges at Purdue are having their career fairs over the next few weeks which are a fantastic opportunity for students. I know as a sophomore I was able to talk with tons of companies and ended up with eight interviews that landed me great interviewing experience as well as a summer internship. I am looking forward to the next couple of career fairs where I can hopefully meet some great companies and score another fantastic summer internship!

— Amy Eckerley,  Financial Planning and Counseling

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