Some Good Tips!

It is now the end of September and most of us, if not all of us, have already gone through our first round of exams. If you are lucky your exams were spaced out, and you did not have to study for multiple exams in one week (or even on the same day!). Unfortunately I was not so lucky and had four exams in one week! However, if you manage your time between classes, after classes, and on weekends you can easily beat the unfortunate luck of having multiple exams in one week. My suggestions to you all are to review your notes and do the reading for classes if you have not already done so, otherwise how else will you know the exam content? But if you still do not understand the information form a study group, working with other people is great because someone else might understand a concept that you do not and they can explain it or vice versa. On top of these two options, check to see if any of your classes have Supplemental Instructions (SI) sessions, these are similar to study groups except that there is a student who has already gone through the course and passed with a good grade that leads the discussions. Lastly, you can always go to office hours and talk with your professor if you still are having a tough time with the material.

So if you found that your first round of exams did not turn out as well as you had hoped, try these suggestions out for the next round of exams that will probably be coming up after Fall Break (only one week away!).

Best of luck to you all!

— Priscilla Gaona, Movement and Sports Sciences

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