Purdue University is a place where you will be able to exploit all your potentials and a place full of opportunities. Throughout your four years in college, you will find a variety of clubs, associations, jobs, and research opportunities that will help you develop THE personality that will help you succeed in your dream job.

I developed from a shy, quiet girl into an extrovert, communicative young adult. It was through my involvement in extracurricular activities that I was able to grow into what I am now.

During my freshman year, I obtained a job as a math and reading tutor in an elementary school in the Lafayette community. Sophomore year, I accepted a job as a dishwasher in a research lab. Later in my junior year, I got the opportunity to become a lab teaching assistant for introductory biology as well as to work in an agronomy lab. This year, I am a Health Sciences Ambassador.

All these activities are opportunities to develop new skills and traits that will help you succeed in your dream job. For me, it has given me guidance to the traits of a great physician.

— Michelle Lee, Health Sciences PreProfessional

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