What A Rush!!

The beginning of fall semester is an exciting time for the Greek community here at Purdue (which, by the way, is one of the largest Greek communities in the nation). Why? For sororities, formal recruitment begins the last week of August and continues into the first weekend of September. It all kicks off, however, a week before classes begin, with a week known by all sororities as “work week,” which is a time when each house prepares for and practices recruitment. Having just joined Alpha Gamma Delta  last year, this was my first time experiencing formal recruitment from the “inside.” I thought it was exhausting going through rush last year; little did I know how much work went into recruitment on the part of sororities. By the end of work week, I was exhausted, but that was overcome by the excitement and anticipation for recruitment to start.

The first weekend of recruitment was the longest one, because every girl must visit each of the 16 sorority houses for the open house round, which takes place Friday night and all day Saturday. (For me, it seemed like a day full of speed-dating, minus the romance). Then on Sunday, the potential new members re-visit up to 11 houses, which means we have eleven identical 45-minute rounds. This makes for an entire weekend full of talking, chanting, screaming and singing until you lose your voice. Unlike many of my sisters who lost their voices completely, I managed to make it out only sounding like a middle school boy (hey—it could be worse). The next weekend was short and sweet compared to the first, with 7 rounds the first day and only 3 the next; the rounds which would ultimately decide who got into our sorority.

The following day was bid day, when all of the girls who went through recruitment finally found out what house they had been invited to join. Groups of girls from every house anxiously waited on Memorial Mall, wearing matching shirts and holding up their big, colorfully decorated Greek letters. After a wait that seemed like forever, we finally saw the doors of the student center open, and instantly the air became filled with cheering, chanting, and screams of excitement as girls who had just received their bids inside came running out to meet their new sisters. Once we had greeted all of our new members and took about a million pictures, all of us made our way back up to the sorority house for bid night festivities, which consisted of dinner, games, and tie-dying, and of course, more pictures with the newest members of our Alpha Gam family.

Although it was a long and tiring few weeks, it was definitely worth it, and I know all of my sisters would agree. At the end of it all, Alpha Gamma Delta welcomed 42 smart, classy, beautiful young women into our sisterhood, and we could not be happier. Being a part of this sorority over the past year has had such a positive impact on my life, and has helped me grow into an all-around better person. I can’t wait for the new members to be able to say the same thing.

— Stephanie Williams, Brain & Behavioral Sciences

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