Getting Donations for Purdue Global Medical Brigades

This past weekend was my first time canning for Purdue Global Medical Brigades. Saturday was the Purdue vs. Marshall football game. Around 11:00am that morning, I met with the other Brigadiers under the Purdue University arch next to Armstrong and headed over to Slayter Hill to venture the tailgating fields. For the first few families we approached, I watched the old members demonstrate how to ask people for donations. We were told to introduce ourselves, explain our cause, make sure the families knew where their money was going, and to keep our spiel short and simple. It was a bit nerve wrecking at first. I felt like an intruder, interrupting conversations and asking people for their money. It only got worse because we soon found out that other organizations had already passed through and when people have already donated, they’re less likely to donate again. Disappointed, we left Slayter Hill and walked over to the other fields. We continued to approach people who had already donated and we had only been canning for about half an hour, but we were already thinking about giving up. Thankfully, we soon hit a vein of people who had not been approached by any other organization. It really lifted everyone’s spirits so we split up into separate groups to cover more area and got down to business. It was difficult and energy-zapping to keep up a smiling face and thank everyone we met, regardless of whether or not they donated. What really kept me going was reminding myself that we only had a couple of months left to raise as much money as possible and it was simply fantastic whenever we talked with a friendly bunch of people. In the end, we didn’t raise as much money as we liked, but it was a really satisfying feeling to see that our efforts had not been in vain. Canning was a really interesting experience and now that I’ve gone through with it once, I feel much more prepared for next time!

In song,

— Alyssa Choi, Health Sciences, PreProfessional

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