Graduate School Applications

As a Speech Language and Hearing Science major graduate school is something you hear about from the day you walk in the door. It is the next necessary step on the road to becoming a Speech Language Pathologist or Audiologist. For my first three years the application process seemed to loom in the distance; but now the time has arrived. While deadlines are still a few months away, it is easy to become overwhelmed by the amount steps I still need to complete in addition to managing 18 hours of course work.

Thus far the best solution I have found to avoid stress is a few deep breathes paired with some master organization. It is all about the planning. Since I am applying to eight programs my answer was to make a series of excel documents with each school’s information: website links, deadlines, application type, due date, test scores, number of recommendation letters, tuition cost, etc. This way when I need to know something it is already there and I do not have to go searching through University website mazes.  Next, every week I set out a task to complete for the week. Last week was sending GRE scores to schools, this week it is Transcripts. Breaking the application process into stages makes everything manageable and avoids a panic to get everything together at the last minute.

To all those currently applying to Graduate school or to those planning to in the future —Don’t panic, we can do it!

— Maggie Flynn, Speech, Language & Hearing Sciences

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