Becoming Applicable!

As a student double majoring in Dietetics and Nutrition, Fitness, and Health, I have taken and will take classes ranging from psychology to food science. One may view the course outline and wonder how they could possibly make it through all these classes! I had similar thoughts when I started out freshmen year, but now as a junior, I am beginning to see how all the core classes that I took helped to prepare me for the more advanced classes. Dietetics does consist of a strong science core of classes including general chemistry, organic chemistry, biochemistry, anatomy and physiology, and microbiology, but don’t let this scare you away from the major! It may be tough, but I know that with hard work and dedication, you will make it through and as a result you will be have a better understanding of the “why” question behind many nutritional concepts. In addition, this semester I am taking a couple classes that are bringing together real life situations and allowing me to peer into the world of a dietician or health professional. One of my classes, Health Screening and Evaluation, gives us as students the opportunity to learn about the various assessments that may be done on clients who are interested in a health program or just wanting to know their health status. We discuss the concept and techniques in lecture and then are able to perform them in our lab section. We have learned how to take blood pressure, heart rate, and body composition through different methods. Having a small lab of only 12 students allows us time to practice these skills and freely ask questions of our teaching assistant. Health encompasses dietetics and I know that I am learning skills now in my labs and lectures that I will use in my future career!

Boiler Up!

— Bekah Vukovich, Dietetics & Nutrition, Fitness and Health

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