An Exciting October

October has been an exciting month for me!  I started volunteering at the Miller Child Development Laboratory school and I get the opportunity to work with a preschool class.  It always starts my week off on a positive note when I get to go see the wonderful kids there and interact with them.  On another note, Purdue’s homecoming was just a few weeks ago.  My friends from back home wanted to come visit so I decided that homecoming weekend would be the perfect time.  They both go to smaller universities, so it was a great experience for them to see what Purdue is like and of course, attend the football game.  I was so happy they got to visit that weekend and we got to catch up on each others lives, and we’re already looking forward to seeing each other at Thanksgiving Break!  It’s always fun getting to see your friends from home come and see what your university is like and I know they definitely enjoyed the dining court food, doesn’t everybody?  Only a month away until turkey day and seeing family! As always, Boiler Up!! 🙂

— Courtney Wisher, Speech, Language & Hearing Sciences

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