Buddy Guy Tells A Story

On Saturday, October 20th, I went to see Buddy Guy perform at the Loeb Playhouse in the Stewart Center. I work for the Black Cultural Center, who organized the event, and when my boss offered me two free tickets, I was ecstatic. Not many people my age know who Buddy Guy is nor do they understand his legacy in rock n’ roll and blues music. I saw this as a privilege and honor that he would come to play at Purdue University and I took the opportunity. In the concert, it was mostly older attendees and they found it very interesting and wonderful that I was attending a show for someone who didn’t speak directly to my generation like many other modern artists. The music was absolutely amazing. I was still a bit astounded that I was watching this 76-year old man play his guitar just as gracefully and skillfully as when he was in his 20’s, but now with more season and more wisdom added to each chord. My friend that attended the concert with me also shares my love for music from past generations and it was nice to have someone attend with me who appreciates old school music as much as I do. When Buddy Guy performs his music, he tells a story, which is what blues music is all about. The stories that he tells in his music are universal to all generations in my opinion, which is why I feel that it is so easy for me to relate. I am so glad that I got the opportunity to see one of many musical legends perform while here at Purdue.

— Sarah Muhammad, Dietetics

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