Sales Blitz

On October 3rd, I was able to partake in a sales blitz with one of our student organizations, Hospitality Sales & Marketing Association.  It was at the Hyatt Place McCormick Place Chicago.  The purpose of this sales blitz was to call companies and try to get “leads” for the hotel.  We stayed overnight at the hotel to kind of get a feel for staying there so that we would be able to sell the hotel to the companies we were calling.  On the morning of the blitz, we got a behind the scenes tour of the hotel to also help with the selling.  They made the experience fun for us by having different awards at the end of the day.  We had awards for the most calls, best lead, funniest customer called, and most leads.  We received different prizes for each award.  I received the best lead award by bringing in a piece of business worth $12,000.  It was for a religious fraternity that was looking to book the hotel and convention center in 2013 and 2014.  For my prize, I received a cash reward.  This experience was definitely good for people wanting to go in to the sales business because it reinforces the material learned in the classroom.  It is different to be able to actually do sales in the real world then it is to read about doing it in a textbook.

Other than that event, October has been really slow for me.  I haven’t had too many exams for midterms, but do have a lot of projects due in the next few weeks.  To keep busy, I have been working more hours at LaVazza as well as planning for our New York trip in November for the International Hotel, Motel, and Restaurant Show.  Until next time.

— Michael Nalezny , Hospitality & Tourism Management

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