Don’t Waste Opportunities to Network

A few weeks ago I had a great opportunity to volunteer at an art fundraiser for Indiana Hands and Voices. It was an art show with work done by Warren Miller who displays what it is like to be a non-hearing individual in the hearing world. I was put in charge of the kitchen and had to make sure all the appetizers were plated and ready to go for the event. It was a really neat experience because I had a firsthand look at what goes into making a charity event successful. The organization, planning, and timing have to be just right to make an event go off without a hitch. It was also such a great opportunity to work with fellow students in the SLHS department. Just remember, you never know who you will meet when you volunteer at events and you could meet someone who could potentially give you a job or an extra internship experience. Don’t waste these kinds of opportunities! I am so excited that the event went well and a sizable donation was able to be contributed to Hands & Voices of Indiana!

— Kayla Weber, Speech, Language & Hearing Sciences

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One Response to Don’t Waste Opportunities to Network

  1. Thanks for the great blog post, Kayla! Networking is one of the most important things to do in your four short years at college. It’s great to see you’ve already realized that and are networking to your advantage! Best of luck to all Purdue students as they prepare for finals (and don’t forget to sleep!)

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