The VIP All Sports Card is Worth It!!!!!!!

November has been full of a lot of fun sporting events at Purdue! For me, going to the games are fun ways to take a break from school and show your school spirit. This month I have been to several basketball games, football games, and a volleyball game. The basketball games are always fun. As a member of The Paint Crew, the basketball student section, the games are entertaining to be at because of all of the exciting cheers and the awesome music from the band. Football games are always great too…especially the IU/Purdue game which was last weekend!!! I’m so glad I went to watch the Boilermakers beat the Hoosiers even though it was FREEZING outside! The other sporting event I really enjoy is volleyball. We have a great volleyball team, and the crowd is always so energetic at the games. I attended the game against Penn State (ranked No. 2), and we were close to beating them! If you have the opportunity I strongly encourage you to go to at least one volleyball game! If you love sporting events you should definitely look into getting the VIP pass. It is an all-sports pass, and you get tickets for the football and basketball games as well as awesome deals like free tickets to volleyball games and other sports! I have gotten the VIP pass for the past 3 years, and I think it is worth it!

–Alyssa Slater, Dietetics

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