Day in the Life: Caitlyn

lowry-caitlyn112/3/2012 – I started my morning off at 9 a.m. by doing a much-needed load of laundry since I only have afternoon classes on my Mondays.  The laundry room in the basement of Warren, one of the five buildings of Windsor Hall, is decorated with  pink and zebra print and is one of my favorite places to study in my dorm.

day in the life _ laundry 2

Then I worked a two-hour mail room shift at the front desk of Windsor Hall.

day in the life _ mailroom 2

My day became extra amazing when I received a letter with concert tickets I had ordered the week before! I’m going to see Ed Sheeran with some friends down in Indianapolis in January…so excited!!

day in the life _ concert tickets

Next, I had my first class for the day, Pathopharmacology, at 3:30. It is challenging but the two nursing professors who teach the course always keep it interesting.

day in the life _ class

Then I had a T.A. meeting because I am Teaching Assistant for Biology 203.  After the meeting I was able to have a relaxing evening of decorating my dorm room with Christmas lights to get in the holiday spirit!

day in the life _ room decoration

day in the life _ room decoration2

Boiler Up!!!!

— Caitlyn Lowry, Nursing

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