My New Years Resolution

I had a wonderful Christmas break at home and I’m happy to be back at Purdue and starting new classes this semester.  It’s so nice to come home from a busy semester and get to be with family over Christmas.  By the time break was coming to a close, I was ready to come back to West Lafayette and start my spring semester.  I love my classes so far and getting to catch up with friends that I missed over break.  I decided to make a New Years resolution and it was to try to workout more during the week, so I decided to buy a Group-X Fitness Pass for the Co-Rec at Purdue.  So far, I’ve attended two classes and its been a blast! They have a variety of classes that include lower body blast, upper body, cardio, zumba and much much more! You can attend as many classes as you want during the week and its only $45 for the whole semester.  If you are wanting to challenge yourself to workout, I suggest purchasing a Group-X pass. You won’t regret it and you’ll meet new friends as well! 🙂

Boiler up!

–Courtney Wisher, Junior, Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences

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