My Last Semester At Purdue – Bittersweet

This January marks the beginning of my last semester at Purdue. It is definitely a bittersweet experience, and because of this, my goal is to make it one of the best semesters yet! So far I would say I have been succeeding. I thought that my MWF 7:30, 8:30, 9:30 back to back class schedule would hinder my plans of making my semester awesome, but surprisingly, they have done nothing but help!! It is amazing how much I can get done each day when I am done with class at 10:20! I have been able to do my homework while my friends are in class, go waitress at Olive Garden during the day, and even get in a workout almost daily, and then I still have the whole evening to spend with my friends playing games, watching the Bachelor or just hanging out! It has been so amazing — I forgot how productive I am when I wake up early. : ) I would have to say one my favorite things of this semester though has been buying a Group X pass at the Purdue CoRec. With this pass, you can attend a variety of exercise classes any day of the week at various times. My last semesters I have had class all throughout the day and then worked at night, but since I get my classes over with early, I have the whole day to do as I wish! Another cool thing to experience at the new CoRec is the rock wall! Anyone can climb it – you just check-out the equipment and turn it back in once you’re done, and it’s such a challenge! Definitely something to try before you graduate!

— Ariel Demoret, Senior, Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences

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