Group X Pass

I have always heard of my friends talking about this “Group X Pass” they bought from the CoRec (the campus gym), but I never knew what it was. This semester I finally looked into it and bought one! It is a pass that allows you to attend various workout classes at the gym, and there are so many classes offered every day so you can find whichever ones fit in your schedule that day! The pass is only $45 for the semester, and if you ask me, I think that’s a great price for how much use you will get out of it! I try to go to a class every other day depending on my schedule. So far I have tried Body Sculpt, which is a full body workout, Core, a workout that focuses on your core, and 20/20/20, which is 20 minutes of cardio, 20 minutes of strength, and 20 minutes of core. Tonight I am going to try out Turbo Kick, a workout class that combines kickboxing techniques along with dancing and sports drills to make it exciting and fun. I love my Group X pass, and the newly renovated CoRec is AWESOME! Check out the website to find more information on the Group X pass including the weekly schedule and class descriptions.

— Alyssa Slater, Junior, Dietetics

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