Spring Semester

It’s crazy to think that we are already in the third week of classes for spring semester here at Purdue! It’s been pretty cold here on campus the past week so walking to class has definitely been a challenge! But it’s nothing unmanageable. This has definitely been a very busy semester for me so far. I am taking five classes this semester, including my very first online class. My online class is a history class and let me tell you, it’s very interesting learning about history through my class without a professor. The class involves a lot of work that definitely keeps me busy but it’s been very helpful in helping me learn on my own. It’s also really wonderful to not have to go into a classroom to learn but being able to stay in the comfort of my warm dorm room and still learn about history! I have definitely enjoyed the rest of my classes as well. Most of my classes this semester are electives and one is for my major.  My favorite class this semester would have to be my PSY350, Abnormal Psychology class. It’s very interesting and my professor is great! It’s cool to be able to take a class that focuses on what I am interested in pursuing as a career. Even though I’m taking so many electives I am still enjoying them all! Spring semester is definitely going well for me so far!

–Alyssa Major, Junior, Psychological Sciences

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