Hey There Future Boilermakers!

We’re back at it again for the Spring semester and I can honestly say that I am happy to get back to the craziness of nursing clinicals, meetings, friends, and simply being on campus.  It’s only three weeks in and I have learned proper procedure for completing intramuscular injections, checking blood glucose, inserting a nasogastric tube, and memorized a scary-long list of medications.  That’s nursing school for you! It has been overwhelming at times, but I’m motivated by the passion that I have for my future nursing career.  Fortunately, this month hasn’t been completely full of studying; I’ve already been to two concerts! Last week I was able to see Walk the Moon and this past weekend I saw the extremely talented Ed Sheeran. Since coming to college, my music taste has definitely broadened and I have a new love for going to live shows.  I’m looking forward to Macklemore coming to Purdue in the end of March and rumor has it that Purdue Concert Committee will be announcing a HUGE show later this week. So excited! Even if it isn’t an artist that I’m particularly into, I will probably still go because the atmosphere is so energetic and fun!

Well I hope you all have had a great start to your semester as well and managing to stay warm! I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it will eventually snow enough to go sledding on Slayter Hill soon! Until next time, bye!

Caitlyn Lowry, Junior, Nursing

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